Summer of 2014

2014 – Summer program at Mahogany FC.

Its been 8 years since we started our summer programs. Each summer we have seen an amazing set of boys and girls taking part in the 45 day long festival. With every summer we wish to get better.

This year’s program starts on 10th April and will continue till 31st of may. The player is expected to attend at least 30 sessions.

The program will include

1. Basic technical football training for 5 different age groups starting from 5yrs to Seniors.
2. Game based training
3. Friendly matches with the other academies
4. Intra-Academy League

A team of players will be sent for an exposure trip to Goa/Calcutta/Sikkim/Kashmir (one to be chosen) during mid of may.

Fee for the summer program – Rs. 4500/- + 1550/- (Club Kit)

Interested players can fill in the form at

Competition Registration Closed. Competition Starts from 22nd Dec 2013

Teams’ Meeting on Saturday – 21st dec 2013, at St. Louis Institute for the Deaf and the Blind, Gandhinagar, Chennai,  Between 4pm to 5pm. Attenting the Team’s Meeting is compulsory to participate in the competition.

General Rules

1. All players must have full kit* – T shirt, Shorts, Shin – Guards, Football Socks, Shoes.

2. All Team must report to the ground on or before the mentioned time.



1. Team failing to comply with the above mentioned general rules will forfiet the game.

2. On failing to comply 2nd time team will be taken off the competition.

3. A team can play with a min of 4 players.

4. A team cannot cry for the prize being sub standard #!$# :)


Specific Rules

1. Kicking the Referee, Biting the referee etc. is prohibited. Will attract penalty to the extent of expulsion from the competitiion.

2. Foul language can be avoided. If the referee decides to award a decision based on the foul language of the players on and off the pitch – that will hold good.

* Please try to arrange for uniform kit for a team (Only suggestion –  no compulsion, match it to the maxim possible)

Fixtures will be posted on 21st Dec 2013 Evening.


St. Louis – 6:30 am – Seniors – ON – Bring running shoes. – Coach – Arindam Biswas, Vijaya Balan

St. Louis – 7:00 am – Juniors – On – Bring running shoes. Coach – Chandan Das

Kottivakkam – 4:00 pm – Juniors – On – Coach – Vijaya Balan, Joseph Vaz

HLC – 4:00 pm – Juniors – On – Coach – Arindam Biswas, Chandan Das



St.Louis – 6:30 am to 9:30 am – Session – On| Seniors and Juniors.

Match @ Nehru School, Nanganalur.- Under -16 – Reporting 7:30 am at St.Louis or 9 :00 am at Nehru School.

Kottivakkam – 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Session – On| Juniors

HLC – 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Session – On| Juniors


St.Louis Seniors – 6:30 am| Session – On – Running| Trainer – Arindam Biswas

St. Louis Juniors – 7:30 am| Session – yet to be confirmed| Trainer – Chandan Das

Bamboola – 4:00pm|  Session – Off|

Kottivakkam – 4:00pm| Session – On| Trainer – Joseph Vaz

HLC – 4:00pm| Session – Off (Bad Ground)|

Match – @KFI – 4pm, Squad Listed Below

1. GK – Shridar Suriya Moorthy
2. GK – Rahul Raj
3. Right Back – Harish
4. Centre Back – Arindam Biswas
5. Left Back – Neil Beski Altun
6. Left Mid – Rahul Chandrashekar
7. Centre Mid – Chandan Das
8. Right Mid – Rahul Ramesh
9. Striker – Jaikiran
10. Striker – Shrihari
11. Azman – Position will be confirmed later
12. Joseph – Position will be confirmed later
13. Sam – Position will be confirmed later
14. Prashant – Position will be confirmed later
15. Centre Back – Pradeep
16. Shriram – Position will be confirmed Later
17. Abishek – Right Mid
18. Ashwin Shankar – Right Back

If anyone from the  list above is not available for the game tomorrow, pls. keep us informed.

The team has been selected based on the players’ responsiveness, attendance, ability to play and the balance of the team. I know that I have left out a lot of players, and this time, instead of asking players for their availability, we have chosen the team. Hopefully, we will be able to build a squad capable of playing better football.


St.Louis – 6:30 am| Session – On – Running till Besant Nagart Beach| Trainer – Arindam Biswas, Chandan Das (All players to bring running shoes)

Bamboola – Session Off

Kottivakkam – Session – On| Trainers – Arindam Biswas, Chandan Das (Late), Vijaya Balan (Late), Joseph Vaz



St.Louis – 6am to 7am | Session – Over – Agility Drills at the Kotturpuram|Trainers – Arindam Biswas (Chandan Das – Late, Vijay Balan – Not to be Found)

Trainee List – Sridhar, Prashanth, Sam, Joseph, Jaikiran, Harish, Azman, Atif, Neil, Pradeep.

Bamboola – 4pm to 6pm | Session – Cancelled due to rain |

Kottivakkam – 4pm to 6pm | Session – Cancelled due to rain |

Started crawling to climb up!